July 27, 2012


Acne Myths Part Two: Five More Myths About Acne Breakouts

Previously, we talked about five common myths about acne and how important it is to know the facts and myths about acne in order to find the best acne treatment regimen for your skin. In this entry on the Murad Skin Deep Blog, we’ll tackle five more. Then you’ll be armed with the truth, and free of the fiction, about acne breakouts so that you can make informed decisions.

Acne Myth: T-Zone Breakouts Only Need Acne Spot Treatments
If you have combination skin and an oily T-Zone, you may think that you only need to treat those blemishes with a spot treatment such as Murad Acne Spot Treatment as they appear. After all, your entire face isn’t acne prone! However, using an acne treatment product nightly on your T-Zone can help prevent those blemishes from ever  appearing! Consider applying an acne product such as Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel to your entire T-Zone as part of your nightly regimen to avoid having to treat blemishes at all!

Acne Treatment GelRelated Product: Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel

Clears clogged pores of bacteria to control acne and restore clarity

Customer Review

“As a former Proactive subscriber my only regret is that I did not learn about Murad before wasting so much money. The exfoliating acne treatment is worth every dime and more. After just a few months of use my skin showed a remarkable improvement in pore size and clarity. Now I only get an occasional pimple so long as I keep up with my Murad routine. Unlike other products, Murad does not dry or irritate my skin and the results are consistent no matter what season. This product makes me feel beautiful without makeup.” seabee, Pennsylvania

Acne Myth: Using a Moisturizer Will Mean More Breakouts
Because acne-prone skin is also typically oily skin, most people who experience regular acne breakouts often think that they don’t need to use a moisturizer. Even worse, they often believe that a moisturizer will mean even more blemishes. Actually, healthy skin is hydrated skin. That means that no matter what your skin type, you need a moisturizer. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, just make sure it’s an oil-free moisturizer like Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion.

Related Product: Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion

Delivers oil-free hydration without clogging pores

Skin Perfecting LotionCustomer Review

“I normally don’t like lotion of any kind. I have acne prone skin and although I know my skin needs moisture, I feel like putting a thick lotion on my face clogs my pores. This lotion is the perfect consistency, it is not too thick, but it is not watery either. It soaks into your face almost immediately and has a pleasant smell. My face never feels wet or greasy like other lotions can make it feel. After I use my Murad acne routine and put this lotion on at night, my face feels cool and clean. When I wake up my skin is even toned. I love this lotion.” RidgeRider, Illinois

Acne Myth: Not Wearing Makeup Will Mean Fewer Breakouts
If your makeup is oil-based or full of chemicals, then it’s possible that your skin’s health will improve if you stop using it. However, as a general rule, getting clear skin isn’t as simple as just getting rid of your makeup. In fact, some makeup products, such as Murad Skin Perfecting Primer Acne and Shine Control or Murad Acne Treatment Concealer actually improve your skin’s health and heal blemishes while they conceal and even skin tone. Makeup and acne can have  a  complicated relationship!

Acne Myth: Use the Same Products for Face Acne and Back and Body Acne
If you need a body acne or back acne treatment, then you should not expect the same products to work on your body that worked on your face. The sebum (oil) glands on your back are much larger and the skin on your back is much tougher. This means you’ll need a stronger exfoliating cleanser and a no-fail system for delivering acne medications to your back. Murad Acne Body Wash and Murad Clarifying Body Spray combine to give you clear skin on your back in a way that products designed for your face simply can’t.

Acne Myth: You Can Get Rid of Blemishes by Picking or Popping Them
No matter what anybody tells you, never pick at or pop a blemish! Not only will that result in more blemishes forming from the irritation caused to your skin, it increases the chances that you’ll experience acne scars or post-acne marks. If you think getting rid of acne is hard, it’s much easier than finding an acne scar treatment. No matter what you do, don’t pick at or popyour blemishes! Ever!

Check back (or search the Murad Skin Deep Blog) for the second half of our list of acne myths.


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