January 20, 2011


Adult Acne Treatment Primer

Treating acne as an adult can be much different than treating it as a teenager. Firstly, what you’re looking for in an acne treatment will be different. You won’t want something that simply treats acne by drying it up because you’ll also be concerned about ensuring that you get the right anti aging skin treatment as well. Also, while most teenage acne is caused by hormonal factors, adult acne can be caused by combinations of hormones, stress, diet and pollution. If you’re looking for an adult acne treatment that works, you’ll want to make sure that you’re looking for these three things.

Healthy Skin CareAnti-Aging Elements
Skin begins aging long before it begins to show the signs of aging, and if you’re pursuing responsible skin care then your adult acne treatment solution needs to address aging concerns as well. While there are a number of acne solutions at Murad that combine acne fighting elements with anti-aging ingredients, what will be more important to you in finding an adult acne treatment that works is one that doesn’t over dry your skin, addresses the need for hydration and moisture, and doesn’t unnecessarily layer your skin in harsh chemicals that can later lead to discoloration and fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne Scar Treatment
If you’re treating acne as an adult, you most likely are also looking to treat or get rid of acne scars from earlier breakouts. You’ll never be happy with your skin until you’ve managed to clear the earlier signs of acne as well. Consider Murad’s Post-Acne Lightening Gel, which treats acne scars with the strongest skin lightening agent that you can get without a prescription. Treat your acne all the way around, including the signs of previous breakouts!

Inclusive Health Approach
As an adult, though your acne may be in part or even largely caused by hormones, the chances are almost one hundred percent that current day lifestyle choices are increasing the frequency or severity of your breakouts. Your acne treatment will work best when you combine it with an Inclusive Health approach, making changes to your hydration (eat your water!), your diet (load it with antioxidants!) as well as your stress level, sleep patterns and exposure to sun and pollution.

Getting beautiful skin is possible even if you wait until your later years to begin to pursue it. Look for adult acne treatments that address all of your skin concerns, not just ones that dry up your acne!

Murad has a comprehensive line of acne treatment products, many of which are specifically designed to address the concerns of adult acne.

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