July 9, 2012


Continuing Skin Care Innovation: Taking a Look at Murad’s Newest Products

Innovation is the word of the day at Dr. Murad’s  Los Angeles-based dermatology and Inclusive Health™ offices, where he is hard at work searching for new ways to advance the concept of healthy skin. Whether he’s educating people excited about the life-changing impact of Inclusive Health™ or developing new skin care products at Murad Skincare, Dr. Murad is constantly transforming skin care and how we think about it. Murad has recently launched three new skin care products that support the topical skin care pillar of Inclusive Health. Take a moment to read about Murad’s newest additions to its skin-transforming line of products. You may discover something new to take your skin from great to amazing.

Anti-Aging Face MaskMurad Age Diffusing Firming Mask: Combat Loose Skin … Instantly
As part of the Resurgence® line of anti-aging skin care products for Hormonal Aging, this anti-aging face mask instantly creates a firmer, smoother complexion by lifting loose skin caused by age-related loss of collagen. FirmQ2 instantly firms and lifts skin to make you look younger Brazilian Fruit Extracts promote collagen productions and  are rich in antioxidants to protect collagen from free radical damage. When used one-to-three times weekly, this home facial leaves you looking younger, smoother and more vibrant.

What Customers Are Saying…
“This mask is easy to use with great results. After using the product for a few months, my skin felt tighter when I applied my makeup. Friends have commented on my skin; saying I look more refreshed and healthy.” RoseM, Rancho Santa Fe, NM

“This pleasant-smelling white cream is ultra-soft to the touch and feels oh-so-luxurious when you apply it to your skin. You can almost feel it smoothing away those nasty wrinkles! This is probably my favorite Murad product so far. Feels great and leaves your skin soft.” Roseanne, Santa Maria, CA

Vitamin C Face MaskMurad Intensive-C® Radiance Peel: Restore Skin’s Glamorous Glow
The second new skin care face mask released by Murad this year, Intensive-C Radiance Peel delivers a burst of Vitamin-C antioxidant power to undo the signs of Environmental Aging and environmental damage and to restore skin’s radiant, healthy glow. Instantly brighten skin as Glycolic Acid promotes cell turnover so that newer, healthy skin surfaces. Vitamin-C and Indian Fig  help prevent free radical damage caused by UV rays, smog, toxins and pollutants.

What Customers Are Saying…
“I love masks and have used all different types, but this one is one of the best I’ve ever used. It has a refreshing scent, tingles when on and comes off so simply with no mess. I always like recreating the spa experience at home to help me unwind and this just makes it easier to do.” CAarte, California

“This is an amazing product. The first time I used it my face felt very smooth afterwards. I have sensitive skin and have been battling redness beside my nose. This really brought it under control. It does not leave my skin dry after I use it. For these reasons, I give it five stars and will recommend it to friends. Finally someone figured out how to make a product that lets my skin feel natural again.” IslandGirl52, Washington, DC

Anti-Wrinkle TreatmentMurad Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles: Tame Your Deepest Wrinkles
From the Murad Age Reform® line of products for Genetic Aging, this Retinol-based anti wrinkle treatment fights your deepest wrinkles with two powerful weapons. The first weapon is a precise applicator tip that allows you to target wrinkles exactly. The second weapon is a sustained release technology that ensures that wrinkle fighting Retinol is being delivered to your skin at all times. When  your wrinkles are deep and advanced, this is an ideal treatment option.

What Customers Are Saying…
“I’ve tried many products to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the “smile”, and forehead and this one works! I’ve used the product every night before bead and am seeing a reduction in these lines. I highly recommend this product.” WinnieDP, Los Angeles

“I’m always a little weary about products that say they’re going to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but I figured what the heck. So. I began using this product about a month ago, every night in those deep wrinkle spots (between browns and around lips). I was surprised when I found that I have already seen a reduction in both places! I was thinking that I would need to get Botox or something, but this is much cheaper, pain free and works. I dare you to try it!!” FranksGirl, Los Angeles

If you’re curious about what Murad products can do for you, every Murad skin care product features unedited customer reviews on its product page on the Murad website. See what real people are saying.

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