April 21, 2011

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Getting Started With Skin Products for Oily Skin

No matter what your skin type, finding the right skin products to give you an all-day, all-night healthy glow can be a challenge. Each individual has different needs in a skin care solution. However, if you have oily skin, whether you’re looking for an acne treatment solution or anti-aging skin care products, there are some common traits that you’ll want to look for in your skin products.

Skin Care BlogLook for Oil Free Skin Products
Most obviously, you’ll want to look for skin products that are, themselves, oil-free. This includes cleansers, treatments and, most importantly, moisturizers. Your skin is producing more than enough oil, you don’t want to add to it with products loaded down with extra oils.

Use a Mattifier
In addition to a skin care routine, use an oil-free mattifier to reduce the appearance of surface oil. Murad Oil Control Mattifier (with SPF15) reduces the shine from skin oils while also treating skin to give it a healthy, overall appearance.

Don’t Use an Overly Harsh Skin Cleanser
While you may think that your oily skin requires a harsh skin cleanser that you apply frequently and that dries out your skin, the truth is that the more you dry out your skin the more it will continue to produce excess oil to compensate. Use a gentle cleanser that simply removes surface oil and helps to kill surface bacteria on contact, such as Murad Clarifying Cleanser.

Be Aware of Your Makeup Purchases
The more chemicals there are in your makeup, the more your pores can become clogged from excess oil and makeup residue. Opt for natural makeup solutions, and consider using a light makeup or skin care primer such as the Murad Hybrids to treat and prepare your skin prior to makeup application.

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