November 11, 2010


The Importance of Using an Anti Aging Eye Cream

Using anti aging products daily is an effective way to maintain younger-looking skin. However, it’s important not to forget about your eyes. The delicate skin around your eyes is the most sensitive skin on your face—and the most susceptible to aging. That’s why Murad has developed gentle, yet powerful formulas to target this fragile area.

Get to Know Your Skin

Some may ask why regular anti aging creams can’t be used around the eye area. Even if you have normal skin, the skin around your eyes is especially thin, delicate and sensitive. Topical eye treatments are formulated to be extra gentle, so they don’t cause irritation. In addition, the eye area has few (if any) oil-producing glands, s it requires intense hydration that may not be appropriate for the rest of you face. Using your daily moisturizer around the eye area probably won’t provide adequate hydration and may cause redness and irritation. Eye creams are safer and more effective.

Murad’s Fool-Proof Guide to Applying Eye Cream

With your ring finger, gently pat a pea-size amount around orbital bone.

Under Eye: Start at the corner of the eye working toward the nose.

Upper Eye: Start at the nose and work toward outside corner along and under eye brow.

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