January 2, 2013


Three Men’s Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid

Just like women, men often make small mistakes in their skin care regimen that can result in everything from dry, itchy skin to acne breakouts. But the types of skin care mistakes that men make are also often different from the skin care mistakes that women make. Why? Men have an extra obstacle in skin care that women don’t. Namely, men either have to deal with the oil and dirt trapped by facial hair or they have to deal with the daily irritation of shaving. Either way, a few simple mistakes can be the difference between great looking skin and average looking skin for men. Here are three common skin care mistakes guys make that you should make a point to avoid.

Men's Skin Care TipsMistake Number One: Over-Washing Your Face
Guys tend to wash their face a lot – in the morning, in the evening, at the gym or a workout, after yard work, after playing sports. For some men, washing their face happens multiple times throughout the day, even if it’s just splashing water on their face. Every time you wash your face, with or without a facial wash or cleanser, you strip oil from your skin and risk drying it out too much. While a quick facial wash can be refreshing, the end result on your skin can be dry skin, flaking and irritation. Consider using a facial wiping cloth instead of a full face wash or simply being careful and aware of how often you wash your face during the day. If you do wash your face frequently, be sure to use an oil-free moisturizer after cleansing to restore hydration and avoid dry skin.

Sensitive Skin Face CleanserRecommended Product: Murad Soothing Gel Cleanser
If you are washing your face on top of dry skin and experiencing redness and irritation, this gel cleanser moisturizes and reduces discomfort on contact.

Customer Review
“I have horrible red, dry, sensitive, acne prone skin. I have tried a lot of different cleansers and nothing seems to calm and hydrate my skin like this cleanser does. It works wonders. There are less breakouts, less redness, less tightness. I love it!” SS13, Illinois

Mistake Number Two: Confusing Ingrown Hairs for Acne Blemishes
Particularly for men who shave regularly, irritation and dry skin cells on the surface of the skin can cause ingrown hairs that result in inflamed bumps and redness. But many men mistake these ingrown hairs and bumps for acne blemishes and treat them by drying them out with an acne spot treatment. But if you’re treating an ingrown hair as an acne blemish, drying the skin around it will only make the irritation worse and even redder. How do you properly treat an ingrown hair? The solution is twofold. First, you want to avoid even getting ingrown hairs to begin with by properly hydrating before, during and after your shave so that the razor glides across your skin, smoothly cutting your facial hair. Secondly, you want to be sure to exfoliate dead dry skin cells from the surface of your skin by using a treatment product with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). Most importantly, take a close look at your face and decide if what you’re treating is an acne blemish or an ingrown hair so that you don’t mistreat your skin concern.

Razor Burn TreatmentRecommended Product: Murad Razor Burn Rescue®
This after-shave treatment from Murad is designed with skin care in mind to reduce ingrown hairs and redness.

Customer Review
“WOW…all I can say!! this is AMAZING. Only drawback is a little sting when putting in on. BUT HEY..WE’RE guys were used to that. Wish came in bigger size but won’t ever stop using it. Follow with the FACE saver lotion. The kit is the best way to go. See my review on Cleansing Shave.” JRVEGA, Texas

Mistake Number Three: Anti-Aging Treatments Aren’t Just for Women
Most men want to look great, but you also won’t see their medicine cabinet stocked with anti-aging skin care products. In many ways, though, men’s skin operates exactly the same as women’s skin (with the exception of Hormonal Aging). Men are just as susceptible to Genetic Aging and, particularly, Environmental Aging. Keeping your skin care routine simple and focused on the challenges of shaving is great, but if you want fantastic looking skin for years to come, it’s time to add an anti-aging product or two to your regimen. Make it a goal to add just one anti-aging product to your skin care routine. You’ll thank us later!

Men’s skin care doesn’t have to be complicated! Take a look at Murad’s simple three-step regimen for men, Murad Man®. Then, learn more about skin care in the Murad Skin Care Treatment and Resource Center.

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