June 4, 2012


Three Tips for Clear Summer Skin

Now that summer is here, you’re probably getting ready for vacations, outdoor parties and lazy days by the pool. No matter what you have planned, you’ll want to look your best—and that includes having clear skin. For healthy skin that’s blemish-free, you need to take care of your skin and use an effective acne treatment regimen. Here are three tips for healthy, glowing summer skin that’s acne-free.

Acne Tips: Summer BreakoutsTip #1: Don’t Confuse Tan Skin for Clear Skin
One skin care mistake that people with acne-prone or oily skin make is to confuse tan skin with clear or healthy skin. Tanning dries out your skin—and while that may temporarily reduce inflamed blemishes, it doesn’t address the cause of acne breakouts. Your body will continue to overproduce pore-clogging skin cells that lead to the buildup of acne-causing bacteria. And once your skin returns to a normal balance, your blemishes will return too. Dry skin is also more susceptible to skin care issues like premature wrinkles and sun spots. Keep your skin moisturized with an oil-free moisturizer such as Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion and, most importantly, never go out in the sun without sun block or sunscreen.

Customer Review: Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion
“My skin is sensitive, but also prone to moderate acne breakouts. Acne products are often too harsh, non-acne products usually don’t treat my acne well enough, and moisturizers are generally too oily/heavy. This product, however, is very well balanced. It does not dry out my skin and is lightweight.” macnz, San Diego, CA

Tip #2: Cleanse Your Skin After Outdoor Activities Like Swimming
In the summer months, you may have more breakouts on your face and more back and body acne. This may be due to higher humidity in the summer months. But another cause of acne breakouts during summer is increased environmental exposure from spending more time outdoors. Oil and chemicals from some sun protection products, bug repellents and even the chemicals used in pools and hot tubs can agitate your skin, causing breakouts and skin damage. While it’s difficult to avoid these chemicals entirely, cleansing your skin after your outdoor activities will help to remove breakout-causing oil, dirt and chemicals from the surface of your skin. Use an acne skin cleanser like Murad Clarifying Cleanser or a cleanser for environmental damage like Murad Essential-C Cleanser. And if your skin is prone to back and body acne, consider a body wash or treatment specifically for body acne, such as Murad Acne Body Wash.

Clarifying Acne CleanserCustomer Review: Murad Clarifying Cleanser
“I never write reviews for products, but I feel like I should for this cleanser! This is great! I used Proactiv several years ago and my skin has been messed up ever since. I used every single product under the sun to calm my acne. This actually is working for me. It’s been about 1½ months and I had mild breakouts in the beginning (worth it), and now I have rare breakouts (chin area). It is seriously worth every penny. Give it a try!” mad30

Tip #3: Don’t Get Out of Your Routine
Summer can be a good time to get out of your normal routine and relax. That sense of relaxation is important to your overall health, and it’s important that you enjoy it. However, the acne treatment products you use are just one part of a successful acne treatment program. It’s also important to use them consistently. No matter how leisurely your summer plans are, be sure to stick to your morning and evening acne treatment regimen.


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