February 2, 2011


Why Use a Sulfur Acne Treatment?

In the world of acne treatments, to treat spot acne or individual pimples, you will generally find two options of what’s considered to be the best acne products for spot treatment. The first of these will involve using benzoyl peroxide to get rid of acne. The second will use sulfur to clear acne breakouts. But which of these is better? Murad’s Acne Spot Treatment is sulfur-based, and the scientific skin care experts at Murad believe that, of the two, sulfur is the preferred option for treating acne on the spot. Why is that? Let’s briefly look at the history and use of sulfur as an acne treatment.

Healthy Skin CareThe History of Sulfur for Treating Acne
The first use of sulfur not only as an acne treatment but also as a skin care solution actually involved natural sulfur hot springs. In particular, the Romans would soak in sulfur hot springs to cure skin disorders, including but not limited to acne. However, you can find references to sulfur being used as a skin or acne solution in most ancient records, from South America to Biblical references.

How Does Sulfur Treat Acne?
Sulfur contains what is known as keratolytic properties, which is essentially like saying that it promotes the quick shedding and exfoliation of dead skin cells which, ultimately, can clog pores and cause breakouts. It also has comedolytic drying properties. So, in more basic speak, sulfur works to take infected skin and cause it to dry and then exfoliate off. That’s exactly what you want if you’re clearing up an acne breakout, and sulfur has the benefit of also inhibiting pores from becoming blocked in the future as well as minimizing oiliness overall.

Why Use Sulfur Instead of Benzoyl Peroxide to Clear Acne?
The primary reason for the benefit of using a sulfur based acne product instead of a benzoyl peroxide based acne spot treatment is because, unlike benzoyl peroxide, sulfur won’t over-dry your skin. Ultimately, an acne spot treatment should dry your skin, but not over-dry it. If a treatment over-dries your skin, your skin will compensate by producing even more oil. Additionally, in concentrated amounts such as with a spot treatment, over-drying can actually create scars. Finally, as opposed to benzyol peroxide, sulfur has long term benefits for overall skin improvement as opposed to only short term skin drying effectiveness.

In short, sulfur not only treats spot acne both proactively and retroactively, but it also has long term skin benefits that can have your skin looking clear and perfect all of the time.


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